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MixPad Music Mixer Free for Mac  v.4.39

MixPad Multitrack Music Mixer and Audio recording software for Mac OS X designed for easy audio production. Mix music, vocal and audio tracks, adjust the volume, pan, fade and more with MixPad as your digital mixing desk.

MixPad Music Mixer Free  v.4.23

MixPad is free music recording and mixing software designed for easy audio production. Mix music, vocal and audio tracks, adjust the volume, pan, fade and more with MixPad as your digital mixing desk.

Trevor's Music Mixer  v.1.33.1

Trevor's Music Mixer 1.33.1 offer you a multi purpose player and editor . Just open it, make a play list, and enjoy. Your play list is automatically re-loaded each time, so just set it up once and you're done. TMM has been carefully designed to be as

Listen, a Music player and management  v.0.4.3

Listen is a Music player and management for GNOME This site is not up to date, please see

PlayerPro music editor and SoundTracker  v.rc

PlayerPro is a music composer and sound editor ( SoundTracker ) for MOD S3M XM IT UMX . Uses XI, Quicktime or SoundFonts. Currently runs on MacOS and OSX; playback engines also available for Windows and BeOS. Upcoming version 6 will support ALSA

Calliope Music Server and MP3 Jukebox  v.1.0alpha.rc16.2

Calliope: a GPL jukebox music server, content- and music-management system. Perl-based, it supports multi-user, multiple channels (soundcard and Icecast streams), data/id3 editing, smart loading, cd burning, and skins. It plays mp3, ogg & flac (so

Music composer and performer system  v.1.0

A multiagent system with elements of artificial intelligence capable of composing and performing its own music.

Music ear and note training  v.9

Ear Training or Pitch Exercises are the terms used to describe the method of learning

SoliCall - Noise Reduction Software and Recorder  v.1.0.22

SoliCall has developed a software that reduces background noises from both ends of a call. In addition, SoliCall can record any call. The Inquirer: "...especially as it's a free, quick download and performs well it's a

Java Sound Player and Recorder  v.0.5

A Java Swing GUI for playing and recording audio clips. It is designed to be embedded in UIs that need to load, view, play, record, and save a

Trevors Music Mixer  v.1.32.8

TMM makes it easy to create custom playlists. I created it for my Windows 95 but it works on all Windows systems. May require components from WMP, which everyone should have when they installed

Record Label and Music Artist Toolbar  v.2.0

Singers, Musicians and Artists meet Record Labels, Music Managers and Scouts. New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers. We are on the web at

IPod Music Videos  v.1.1

IPod Music Videos. Are you searching for ipod music videos you can download and put on your ipod? With out ipod music videos search tool, you can download unlimited ipod music videos and mp3 all for a one time charge of $34.95.

Music Billboard Toolbar  v.2.0

The best free New Music Billboard and Music Community to listen to Indie Music Artists. Free MP3 download, streaming audio and charts. We are on the web at

MPEG SMR Editor and Viewer  v.06_2008

Music Editor and Viewer for MPEG SMR format, Music editing external for Max MSP based on MPEG SMR format, Cooperative support for Max MSP for multimodal applications, Chord Editor, many examples and patches for Max MSP

Free Music Organizer  v.7.94

Free Music Organizer - is the easiest way to Organize Music. This music organizer freeware, free music organizer and the free music organizer software can organize music files everywhere. Organize music with the free music organizer tool, automatic

Royalty Free Christmas Music Pack  v.1

This free audio pack from Royalty Free Music Library contains 3 Christmas themed audio files, a Music Track, Music Loop and Audio Ident. What are Tracks? Royalty Free Music Tracks from are high quality professional music

123 Kids Fun Music  v.1.3

123 Kids Fun Music Fun and easy to use virtual Xylophone, Drums! In-app extras: 22 more instruments (e.g. guitars, trumpets, flute, bells) As simple as can be no over head fixtures, designed for kids of all ages. Enjoy wonderful instrument sounds

Music game B  v.01.10

Multicultural music Activities and Music for Kids.

Free Music  v.2008 1.0.1

Our Free Music 2008 is a fun music composer. This version is designed for those who are seeking to learn how to play Piano or for those that like music. Play and fun this is for

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